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Bob's Photo Album!

page one... the story of Bob 'Dog' Fosse (You are here!)
page two.. Bobs friends!
page three...Lifes little embarrassing photo ops! (coming soon)

Yes, here in all it's glory for your viewing enjoyment is my photo album. Most of the pictures here are of me of course but there are also some of my friends too, who I will introduce to you as we go along. Ok, now just so you know, most of the pictures here were taken by my human, or by other humans, but there are a few that myself and my friends have shot too. Because we don't have opposable thumbs, they aren't always the best, but they're my memories and hell, what do you expect, we're dogs... Dumb Humans

I post new pictures regularly so check back often. Enjoy!!


The story of Bob 'Dog' Fosse

Baby Bob

Well, here I am as a puppy, go ahead say it, AWWWW! Damn I sure was cute. Ok, Ok, that's not really me, I found it surfing the internet one day and thought it was adorable. Truth be know... I'm a stray. There. I said it. Happy now. (Don't judge me) I don't have anything from before my new human took me in. So no baby pictures, sorry, but I do have some great ones of my life now. Check them out!



Well, this is me (and some of my entourage). Bob Fosse.
Damn, am I a handsome devil
or what.

So one day, I'm walking around minding my own business, when I realize I'm lost.


This is Scott...

So I wander into this theatre (hence the name Bob Fosse) and I heard this band playing, so I thought, hey I think I'll hang out, check out the scene, grab a brewski and listen to some tunes. That's when Scott found me. Since I was in his club without an I.D. he told me I had to go. But being the multi-layered kind of guy I am, I used the sad puppy dog eyes routine on him... (works every time), so took me across the street and I ended up here!


Sherlock HounD... (picture coming soon)

This is it. My new home. My human owns the place. It's great, I get all kinds of great toys, I get to taste test all the food and treats, (when I don't get caught) meet interesting dogs (and their humans too) and well, I pretty much run the place now.


Page two....Meet Bob's friends!