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Bob's Photo Album!

page one... the story of Bob 'Dog' Fosse
page two.. Bobs friends!(you are here!)
page three...Lifes little embarrassing photo ops! (coming soon)

PAGE TWO: Bob's Friends!

This is My Human!
Her name is Judith
Just kidding
Electra in Judith Blue

This is Sadie!
She lives with my human too. When I first met her she was like this bitchy old lady, she growled at me lot, (she didn't appreciate my wonderful howling abilities, go figure.) You know what the say Sadie, "If it's to loud, you're to old!" I just used my beagle charm on her and won her over in no time. Sadie turned out to pretty cool for an old broad. I think I'll let her stay.


Cool Doggie Pugsley
This is My Friend PugsLey


Pugsley lives with Trina, friend to my human. He's an old man, but still has it goin' on! I like to listen to his stories about the war, Woodstock (he played with Jimmy Hendricks! Fetch...) Yeah, he's a partyer from way back.

Pugsley's Human
This is Pugsley's Human.


She's ok I guess. She's a good human to Pugsley, so I tolerate her. She got like real mad at me once when I was over, hanging with The Pugs. I had a few to many... and oops, I peed on the carpet. What, like she's never done that before.


This is my buddy Luke!

Luke, now he is The Party Animal... He always likes to have a howling good time. You should hear that boy sing! He's always smiling, laughing, cracking jokes, (his best one is the fake dog poop on the sofa) Gawd I love that one! And damn, is he smooth with the ladies! Women love a man that can make them laugh. Here's a picture of Luke and me in rare form!

Elvis Cat Eyes
This is Elvis.
He lives with Luke. Now you may have noticed that Elvis is a cat. Yeah I know what your thinking, Bob, you don't like cats! Not true, I just hate "The Neighbors" (dunt dunt dun) cat! Cats are good...Taste like chicken! HAHAHAHA! No, I prefer to think of Elvis as a dog trapped in a cat's body. He's pretty rad, the ladies dig him, and he can keep up with the Big Dogs!
This is my friend Lenny. He lives across the street. We like to sit at the fences and bark at each other till someone calls animal control. It's such a hoot! Yo Lenny!


Ah Dolly... I met her at the dog park. Man you should of seen the legs on this hot little number, went all the way up to her neck. And she had the nicest set of spots... GRRRRRR baby...GRRRRRRR!

This is Dolly!

Oui Oui Fifi! Where have I been all your life? WOOF! FeFe lives down the street, and she likes to flirt with me when she walks by, you know sticks her nose up in the air, swishes her tail. Her and I are gonna hook up one of these nights when I can dig under the fence. OOH LA LA!
This is why I won't get married!
This is Fifi.

Well, that's it for now...
more photos are coming soon as the web person can figure out where they are!!!

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