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So, I'm laying around one day, doing what dog's do... (yeah I was licking myself, so what?) when it popped into my head... Why? and no not why was I licking myself, we know why I do that! But all those questions one wakes up to one day and ask's themselves..

    • Why isn't there cat poop flavored dog food? Seriously, for those of us who find cat poop a delicacy, if someone invented cat poop flavored dog food... I'm telling ya, you'd be rich.
    • Why can't I drink from the toilet? What's the big deal? The water is clean, it's cold, and it has a little added flavor. I don't scold you when you come home from a night of drinking and have your face buried deep in the toilet do I? No!
    • Why can't I chew up your shoes? (This one's for all the female humans out there) Your always looking for a reason to go buy a new pair anyways, well there ya go! Besides, I usually only chew on the black ones and you have like 25 pairs of black shoes, if I chew one, put it with another black one and your set for the night!
    • Why can't I eat the neighbors cat? You know you hate that furry little bastard as much as I do! He craps in our yard, digs up your flowers, and walks back and forth across the fence tormenting your beloved pet. Let me eat some pussy!
    • Why can't I hump the mailman's leg? That's just my way of saying Thank You kind Sir for delivering my humans mail.
    • Why do humans always blame us when they fart?
    • Why do humans yell at us for licking ourselves? Ya know what... You would if you could! Getoverit!