Bob's Photo Album II


Boy just look at that handsome mug!


Boy I just love parties.. Yum Cake!

No... Really, I couldn't eat another bite!



Uh Yeah... I think this dude partied a little too hard!


Alright Elvis... Score Dude!

Grab some more munchies man, I'll grab the remote!

(Are you sure your not a dog?)



Alright! I can take a joke just as well as the next dog... But quit posting this on the internet!




Yeah I know...

It'a A ruff life!


What the? Hey... how come you guys get to sleep on the bed?


More Friends!

This is Charlie, he's a real charmer with the ladies!

This is Toby! Toby believes he's from Sweden. He like's to be called Ulga, and his interests include yodeling, hot chocolate, and coming his hair!

This is Andy. Andy has a dandruff problem! Whoa! Just kidding big boy!


This is Bandit!

Bandit and I were buddies, but he moved away. He went to Hollywood and became a big star. Here's the post card he sent me!


This is Rosco.

(Don't ask) He's friends with Elvis and comes over and hangs sometimes.

The dude is strange!


More to come!